The end of long and boring surveys with Feedier, meet a gamified feedback experience.

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We started Feedier with the ambition of breaking the status-quo and transforming the way customer surveys are currently seen. Feedier is anything but a survey tool by the way, and we are better off talking about feedback.

By valuing your customers, it’s proven that you will get more valuable and actionable feedbacks from your customers. They give time and energy, you reward by defining your own program! You will also define your own engagement program, letting you strengthen your relationships and making that customer feedback more than a once-off event!
Start understanding them now, increase their satisfaction and stop wasting time with those ugly old-school surveys! 

Here is a highlights of some of Feedier’s best features so far: 

- 3-step process: ratings and then questions, so you ask the right question to the right person. You can then reward and engage.
- Reward program using voucher, money, custom message or files
- Engagement program - strengthen your relationship
- Text SMS sharing, email, WIDGET (dynamic), and much more. Basically everything you need to spread the world.
- Analytical and report dashboard containing, among others: keywords explorer, timing details, users data, satisfaction ratio, Net Promoter Score
- Create segmented list and export them for retargeting
- API and Zapier integration in order to automate and create a feedback loop

Student Discount

We are able to offer a 50% discount for students and charity on our premium plans. Reach out to us.